Our beef takes time

In order to make an excellent steak, our beef has to be properly dry-aged.

Dry-aging needs time, a skilled chef and the right equipment.

We have it all in Yuniku Charcoal BBQ.

Principles of dry-aging

In the first few days, following the butchering, beef is quite tough. In order for it to become tender, it needs to breathe in the right temperature and humidity. Thanks to the work of enzymes, the meat will become soft, tasty and will gain a specific aroma in a few weeks.

Beef in the Yuniku Charcoal BBQ restaurant is dry-aged in a refrigerator designed for the dry-aging process. The refrigerator has a glass viewing door through which the meat can be inspected. However, only the head chef is allowed to inspect the meat and he carefully prepares it for the aging process by setting and maintaining optimal conditions.

The breed, age, the physical and emotional condition of the animal influences the quality of the meat.
Even the best beef needs to dry-age. The change of the meat’s structure in the refrigerator is constantly monitored.
When the chef takes the meat out of the refrigerator after approximately 2 months, it has the perfect taste and aroma for a BBQ grill.

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